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Introducing Pulse Check… a ‘short, sharp and strategic’ market update

October 18, 2021

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Set for Thursday 25 November, this virtual session will provide need-to-know market information before the year end, housing independent and objective industry analysts, supported by editorial-led insights and research.

Pulse Check will launch as an interim virtual market update for partners across Australia and New Zealand, designed to deliver bite-sized guidance in relation to revised customer investment priorities, third-party outsourcing plans and ongoing local M&A trends.

Set for Thursday 25 November, this session will provide need-to-know market information before the year end, housing independent and objective industry analysts, supported by editorial-led insights and research.

“Following a challenging and distracting 12 months, Pulse Check will support the ecosystem with mission-critical market intelligence — short, sharp and strategic,” said Cherry Yumul, vice president of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at IDG.

“While priorities have naturally varied in recent months, the industry has been deprived of headspace to assess and evaluate — whether evolving end-user demands, revised outsourcing requirements or the impact of accelerated M&A locally. Pulse Check offers that moment to pause, prioritise and press ahead.”

Pulse Check is a virtual edition of EDGE 2021 — now set to run in-person on 20-23 March 2022 on Sunshine Coast. Attendance at Pulse Check is by invitation-only, open to all executives, business and technical professionals from partner organisations. For partners seeking to register — click here.

In a departure from long-winded virtual conferences, Pulse Check is short, sharp and strategic by design with partners actively encouraged to cherry-pick relevant content based on preference and availability. Collectively, the aim is to offer essential information to support pre-2022 planning, aligned to the belief that despite such evident economic and societal distractions, partner progress must continue at pace on both sides of the Tasman.

Mark Iles (Tech Research Asia), Hugh Richards (Latimer Partners), Mark Nesbitt (Latimer Partners) and Jay McBain (Forrester)

PULSE CHECK: Customer Update

At the centrepiece will be an interim market update delivered exclusively by Mark Iles (Executive Analyst, Tech Research Asia) documenting short-term customer investment plans and outsourcing criteria in the months ahead. This will adopt a forward-looking approach in relation to technology buying patterns, market health and third-party provider requirements at a local level post-pandemic.

Expert industry guidance from market-leading figures of authority will also feature on the agenda through dedicated Thought Leader sessions — outlining key short- to medium-term opportunities, examples of profitable best practice and required next steps to meet business growth objectives.

PULSE CHECK: Making Sense of M&A Mania

Pulse Check will run an exclusive M&A double-header session to make sense of the increased levels of buying and selling activity across Australia and New Zealand.

Delivered by Hugh Richards and Mark Nesbitt (Principals, Latimer Partners), this executive briefing update will assess key market trends following another 12 months of frenzied deal making, supported by evolving investment appetite and immediate areas of focus in 2022.

In addition, Richards and Nesbitt will provide unrivalled insight into how business leaders can maximise value whether buying or selling in the current local climate, offering boardroom guidance specific to building out viable M&A strategies in the months ahead.

PULSE CHECK: Channel Data = Competitive Vendor Differentiation

Winning in the channel requires data-driven program innovation with vendors now tasked with converting swathes of information into enhanced partner experience levels. According to Forrester, vendors which provide such enhanced levels of experience grow faster than competitors, become more profitable, drive higher customer satisfaction and retention downstream.

Delivered by Jay McBain (Principal Analyst of Channels at Forrester), this session will document how vendors can start small — “aiming for singles and not home runs” — to better utilise real-time channel data to improve go-to-market channel strategies.

PULSE CHECK: Eat, Sleep, RFP, Repeat: A New Day in Distribution

In looking back on a challenging 12-18 months for the partner ecosystem, distribution has emerged as a leading figure of support, authority and accountability. A segment of the supply chain which has been severely tested, yet once again demonstrated resilience and expertise in the face of adversity.

In parallel, industry consolidation has continued at pace through big-hitting local and global M&A deals, alongside wave after wave of RFPs and vendor reviews. This session will document the value of distribution post-pandemic, outlining the new role of the supply chain in meeting customer objectives.

For more information re: content, agenda and speakers — click here.

Pulse Check is open to all executives, business and technical professionals from partner organisations. This is defined as value-added resellers, system integrators, managed service providers and solution consultants, as well as large-scale multinational consultancy firms, emerging start-ups, cloud specialists, independent software vendors, boutique agencies and application developers.

IDG reserves the right to limit attendance to those working in partner businesses (C-level management, Sales Managers, Technical Managers, BDMs etc) who meet the attendee criteria and refuse attendance by anyone from competing vendor, distributor or media organisations.

To register for Pulse Check — click here

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